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Our Story

Our story is simple…We believed organic is better and natural. Upon learning of our family is not secured to harmful and questionable ways of producing food, and we met along people on paleo-, raw-, low sugar-, gluten-free diets who are hunting for quality natural food, we started out as a hunt for healthy food soon become a business.

Sounds simple, but not quite. In 2015, with a team of four people, with limited funds and some strange ideas, our small start-up which was started in a house with only a walked in customer for months.  However, with passionate and endless for the love of nature Endless Harvest keeping on searching around the quality food and products by making numerous trips to overseas, we managed to break even in the third year. 

In six years, we moved from being a start-up working from a house to a great e-commerce platform.

We beefed up our products lines, added new product categories, hence enriching our offerings.

Shop with us by values - organic, eco-friendly, vegan, made with natural ingredients, chemical and paraben free…. 

We are always trying to improve our services to our consumers. Please do not keep back if you find any glitches.  

Sungai Petani Store.